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Aug 31, 2021
Anyone here a fan of mobile/portable gaming? There seems to be a resurgence of handheld gaming forming, I think largely thanks to the popularity and success of the Steam Deck. Of course Nintendo has pioneered and continues to dominate handheld gaming ever since the 90s, and the Switch has been a fantastic handheld for the 5 years it's been around. It seems like the tables might be starting to turn. I'm not sure if anything will ever directly challenge Nintendo, because they've always had a unique position in the industry - it's not just hardware, they have software too. It's pretty hard to compete with Nintendo when they don't release their IPs on any other hardware, forcing you to buy their consoles if you want to play Mario, or Pokemon.

We've always had portable gaming devices like the GPD Win, and now the Win 2 is releasing. They're prohibitively expensive though, and still reliant on Windows as its OS (which never seems to do very well in mobile applications). But now it seems like even Logitech is coming into the fold with the G Gaming Handheld, which looks like a pretty intriguing device - even if it's Android based and oriented towards cloud gaming/streaming. It can still run Android apps and games, which is pretty cool still, and boasts an OLED 120Hz 1080p screen. The Deck has impressive specs and an even more impressive price, starting at just $400. I sprang for the $650 top end model for the increased storage and matte/non-reflective screen. While more expensive than a PS5, it's still considerably cheaper than a decent gaming laptop.

That being said, I'm loving the Steam Deck. It's the portable gaming device I always wanted, but never thought would be made. At least not yet. It's what the Sony Vita should have been. It gives me the same giddy feeling the original Sony PSP did when I was 14. I'm just in awe over everything it can do. And playing games on it is a fantastic experience.

Anyone else have a Steam Deck? What games are you playing? I've been enjoying giving Star Wars: Fallen Order another playthrough. The game looks amazing on it, and once I dialed in some settings, it runs pretty well too. Next up will be either Fallout New Vegas, RDR2, or the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered that I just got in a Steam sale last week, I haven't made up my mind yet!

I am very much about this shift towards handheld gaming. It's so much easier to fit in some game time during a busy week when I can take it with me, play while traveling, or just sit on the couch without monopolizing the TV so others can still watch Netflix. Also, as a tech nerd, these portable devices are just straight up fucking cool. And with Steam announcing that there will be successors to the original Deck, I'm excited to see what other devices will end up entering the mix as this trend continues.


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